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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Composing a Memory

I posted pictures of our Day After Thanksgiving Christmas Decorating over at Simply b Photos. {Click Here} The pictures reflect moments. Happy moments. Composed and seen through a photographer’s eye. And let’s face it, I love to see my family in that light. Glowing and full of warmth. But then again, pictures can be composed…

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Much to be thankful for.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We started a new tradition this year. Each of my sons chose a pie that he wanted to make. And we made them. Jacob chose pecan pie. We used Pioneer Woman’s recipe. {I hope you know Ree. She’s a regular member of the family around here. Sam was…

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In. Som. Nia.

It’s 11:38pm. Two hours and 38 minutes ago I was so tired, I determined I was done working for the night. I could barely walk up the stairs. Now I’m wide awake and annoyed that I can’t sleep. So I decided to blog. I dislike blogging without pictures, but it will have to do tonight….

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Saturday is a special day… at least it should be.

Our Sabbath Day had a rocky start. One of those Sundays where everyone is running around, looking for socks, ties, undershirts, hairbrushes. Miss B was dressed. She’s the easy one. Her hair pulled back in a little pigtail on top of her head, fancy hair clip attached. Her black and white polka dot patent leather…

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$50 Giveaway!

My sister Amanda owns Bush Creative, a vinyl wall art business. This Christmas season she’s donating all the proceeds of her business to the Sub for Santa program! AND she’s offering Simply b Photos readers 10% off their order! AND she’s giving away a $50 gift certificate! She’s awesome like that! I really want to…

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Land of the Lost

There is a black hole in my house. It does not attract everything. Just some things. Specific categories of items that disappear and are gone forever. Like Miss B’s fancy hair clips. (Please see Exhibit “A”) The ones I paid decent money for. I can always find the kind that came in the 12 pack…

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