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Monthly Archives: October 2010

The window faces east.

This morning the truck was frozen solid and covered in hard frost. On the drive home from seminary at 7:45am it was still dark. Fall has settled on Kodiak and winter is knocking. Thankfully it’s not the harsh winter that we experienced in North Pole. Although we have heard that La Niña will be visiting…

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Where have I been?

This morning I dropped Jake off at the airport. He’ll be gone for a week and I miss him already. I should be getting ready for church. We have to leave in an hour. But instead I’m listening to Jon Schmidt on itunes and looking through pictures from the past few weeks. Sam and I…

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Miss B makes me smile. She’s our little fashionista. I have a weakness for clothing. Always have. Having a little girl has only made it worse. It doesn’t help that each time Miss B debuts a new look, her daddy swoons. He’ll declare that she can’t possibly get any cuter. She’s learned to model her…

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This week I had a darling little girl in my studio modeling for me. When I asked her mom where she got her so very cute diaper bag, she replied, America. I had to laugh. Sometimes it does feel like we are in our own country here in Kodiak. Tomorrow I’m heading to America. Miss…

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