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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Early to bed… Early to rise.

Our family is on a night schedule. Everyone, that is, except for Jake. He’s an early bird. Always has been. I’ve never been able to break him of that habit. I’ve tried. Even though I know that in order to function properly as a family, we have to be on the morning schedule. It’s imperative….

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Kodiak scores.

The good news is that since we got the news on Monday, the Lord has seen fit to bless Kodiak with Summer. An entire week of sunshine. And when the sun shines on Kodiak, there is no place on earth more stunning. I walked out of the commissary and turned my face to the sun….

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Proverbs 3:5

When I was a youth, I memorized a particular scripture that I never forgot. Yesterday during the Sunday School lesson at church, the teacher was talking about trusting the Lord and letting the Lord direct our path. He turned to Jake and I and said something like, Brother and Sister Earle, You have had quite…

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Mormon Message Monday

I’d seen this video for the past week on blogs and facebook, but hadn’t taken the time to watch it until yesterday morning before church. I was sitting in bed watching Miss B toddle down the hall into her brothers’ rooms. She would holler at them to wake up and then toddle away. Jake was…

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The goose is getting fat.

We have had no news from the Coast Guard. We’re still in limbo. Regardless, I don’t feel it anymore. I feel calm and at peace. I’ve decided to continue living my life. I’ve filled Simply b Photos‘ calendar for the entire year. I’ve limited myself to 10 {okay… maybe 12} sessions per month. And I’m…

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Heading Home

We’re on our way home. We had a great time and it was a very successful trip. I’m going to miss Houston. Although I never did get my bearings. Normally I have an excellent sense of direction. But not this trip. My North was West and my South was East. It was a mess. And…

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