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Monthly Archives: May 2010

51, 52, 53, and 54

We’re having one of those nights. Lots of laughing and goofing around. Mixed with getting lots done. So we’re all happy. Jake leaves in the morning for his simulator training. Jacob leaves Tuesday morning for his Pioneer Trek. He was packing tonight and making sure he had everything ready. Josh added to the laughs by…

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Is this water sanitary?

{Can you name that movie? It’s one of my favorite lines of all time.} #44 #45 #46 For the record… I’m not a fan of carnival rides. At. All. They give me the willies. I’m fairly certain they are terribly unsanitary. But Josh had $20 burning a hole in his pocket. {Lawn mowing has been…

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In case you were wondering.

My motivation to get out of bed and get going should be strolling in any time now. I hope. I’ve had the busiest week ever with Simply b. I did eight photo sessions. I have one last one this morning and then I’ll have a short reprieve during which I’ll be editing and editing and…

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40, 41, 42, and 43

#40 {Overheard at the Earle’s} *Ring… Ring…* Mom: Hello? Josh: Hi Mom. I’m still here at the BX (Base Exchange… drug store, convenient store, etc}. Mom: Okay… Josh: So I found these really cool aviator glasses. Mom: Okay… Josh: Can I buy them? Mom: How much do they cost? Josh: Eight Dollars! Can you believe…

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The Horizon

#39 *Miss B doesn’t like the ocean. The waves scare her. Poor girl. But soon she won’t need to worry about it. All seems to be working out for Jake to transfer back to the Alaska Air National Guard.He can hardly keep his feet on the ground. It will probably happen sooner than later. My…

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