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Our trip to Anchorage was dually purposed. All importantly we took Miss B to the temple to be sealed to our family for time and all eternity. Secondly, we watched Jacob swim at the Junior Olympics. It was thrilling. He shaved seconds off his freestyle events and qualified for finals in his 100 yard backstroke. He placed 8th in the state during finals. {Can I admit here that I was shocked? I had no idea he was so fast!} His coach wants to work with him this summer. The boy has a future.

But aside from swimming, it has been a fascinating experience for me as a mother to watch my son transition into Scholar Phase. He truly is a Scholar. It is not unusual for him to study 12 to 15 hours a day. His light will be on long after the house has gone to sleep. The list of books and documents he has read this year would amaze you. Williamsburg focuses on classics, original works and documents. They don’t use textbooks for information. The youth learn directly without an interpreter.

Documents he’s read the last quarter include: Harry Truman’s “Surrender of Germany” speech, Adolph Hitler’s “My Political Testament”, Emperor Hirohito’s “Accepting the Potsdam Declaration”, Winston Churchill’s “Sinews of Peace”, Robert Oppenheimer’s’s speech to fellow scientists, Harry Truman’s “Situation in Korea”, Jimmy Carter’s “Crisis of Confidence”, Ronald Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” and George W. Bush’s 9-11 Address to the Nation.

He’ll come to dinner exclaiming, “Mom! Have you read FDR’s Inaugural Address? Oh man! You have to read it!”

We arrived home on the 4pm flight on Wednesday and Jacob went immediately to his room to begin studying. This week was finals. Our trip to Anchorage had put him behind and he had some catch up to do. Yesterday morning was his oral exam. {He scored two Honors and one High Pass} and later that afternoon he emailed in his written exam. Thus concluding his first year at Williamsburg, the academic portion at least.

This morning he left for Elevation. {Williamsburg Academy has a new website. You should check it out!}. He was so excited he couldn’t stand himself. I’m going to miss him like crazy. His siblings will too. He stood over Miss B before he left and whispered as she slept, I love you Boo. No walking until I get home! See you soon.

He’ll be spending the next week near St. George, Utah engaged in rock climbing, simulations, and leadership training. The other youth from his class will be in attendance. It’s the pinnacle of their year. And what a year it has been.

I’m terribly proud of him. It’s been all him. His study, assignments, projects, and exams have rested squarely on his shoulders. Like I said earlier… fascinating.

And when he returns it will be time for a summer of lawn mowing and fund raising and final preparations for the 2010 National Boy Scout Jamboree. A busy year for a 14 year old.

He’s thriving. The world is at his feet.

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