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My world… this morning

This morning I’m emerging from a fog. A fog induced by tsunami advisories, blizzard warnings, worries about preparedness, teeth erupting from swollen and sore gums, income tax filing, early morning workouts, dental appointments, obsessing over pinewood derby designs, long discussions with Jake about our future and the realization we may have no answers for 4 months.

In other words… Life.

My workout partner had a migraine last night and I knew she wouldn’t be showing up for duty this morning. As Jacob started oral exams at 6 am this morning, I would not being showing either.

Rather I slept in. I slept in until the sun was up. And it feels amazing. Miss B slept in next to me. Until 8:45 am. Her teeth having finally pushed their way to the surface. Tiny crags that caused such disruption. Two down. Eighteen to go.

My world… this morning.

Oral exams at Williamsburg Academy.

Breakfast of champions.

Busy bodies.

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