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Behind The Scenes

Today I had plans to take pictures of Miss B for a Valentine’s Day post. It was going to be super cute. Heart shaped sucker and all.

But I got distracted. Distracted by a dozen would be actors making a movie.

Jacob is working on another creative work for Williamsburg Academy. This time for the World War II era. He and his brothers had such a great time making the last movie (see this post) he decided to try again. This time they recruited the neighborhood to help out.

My doorbell started ringing at 10:30 this morning. A stream of kids showed up excited for their role in the epic masterpiece.

After shooting an hours worth of film in my front room, the cast and crew headed out of doors. Into the wind and rain. Despite a minor hiccup with Military Police {evidently a bunch of boys carrying airsoft guns attracts attention… especially if there is a BB gun in the mix which is a big no-no}, shooting went according to schedule.

Jacob wrote the script and spent weeks visualizing exactly what each scene would look like.

There was plenty of fun and games…

and many clips that will be perfect for the blooper reel.

But Jacob makes a pretty great director.

Like any high budget film, there were period costumes…

Equipment to keep rain off the cast…

And several different locations…

They stayed out as long as they could, but eventually the chill brought them all indoors for fresh homemade cookies and hot chocolate.

Shooting has been postponed until Monday, at which time the crew {the majority of which are homeschooled} will return to finish the project.

In the meantime, Jacob has been busy with post production editing.

It’s looking pretty awesome!

I’ll be sure the post the finished project.

Miss B even agreed to a supporting role, despite what happened last time.

Dahlia - I am so excited to see the finished product – I LOVE homemade movies :)

mamatamera - The excitement never ends at your house. Miss B is a very trusting girl.

Blog Buddy - The suspense is killing me guys…I hope I don't have to wait too much longer!!! Please post ASAP:)

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