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We interupt your regularly scheduled program…

Today is Day 1 of 112. I’ve officially entered a local Biggest Loser challenge. It just so happens that the challenge ends the same week as my Earth Day Triathlon. That, my friends, is called perfect harmony.

There is also a $1400 prize for the Biggest Loser. Seriously.
Don’t tell anyone, but I’m just confident enough to declare myself the winner now.

I considered dressing in a sports bra and biking shorts and climbing on a giant scale with a huge digital readout that would proclaim my weight for the world to see. And then taking a picture to post here for your viewing pleasure. Or discomfort.

I decided against that impulse, but I do have every intention of blogging my way through the process.

So here I am interrupting your regularly scheduled program. No pictures. No cute quips about Miss B. Just me and my goals. Exposed to the world. And totally committed.

Ben and Megan - I appalled your courage! We (Becky Elizabeth and I ) are doing a low key biggest loser ourselves. I want to lose the baby weight (left by Thomas) and the weight I put on dating and marring my wonderful cook of a husband. Good luck to us all!

Zach and Beth - Excellent! I know you can do this! I'll be here cheering you on. My goal is to lose another 13-17 lbs for my goal by mid-April. Hmm…that means I need to work out, huh?

Dahlia - I love your self-confidence! Love it!!!

ldsfamofak - You as always are my hero! If only I could be… well you! Good Luck!
Love you lots

loveland9 - You go girl! Cheering you on all the way.

Kimberly - I'm cheering for you. If I was there I would come cheer for you at the triathlon too.

brinx - I don't personally know anyone that has the self discipline quit the way you do, (especially myself) so I know you will do this! The awesome thing is that you have Jake to lean on with it too. I think it's awesome, Happy New Year to you guys. Tell everyone we said hi. Love April

Jake - You ARE the Champion! I love you and am rooting for you!

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