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I have a friend {I’ve mentioned her here and here} who loves eagles. I think she is border line infatuated, but hey… we all have our quirks. She wants to come to Alaska to see them. I’m making a case for a stop in Kodiak…

Eagles are a common sight around here. As we drive to town, it is not unusual to see 50 bald eagles perched in a row of trees near the fish canneries. They rest of roof tops, power lines, and atop light poles. Especially this time of year. The time of year that the yucky fish smell returns to the island.

Although we see them day after day, we still point them out when we spot them. Look at all the eagles! Look at that one swooping. Look at that one diving. Look… Look… Look…

We’re still fascinated by their magnificence. Jake marvels at their aerodynamics. It’s cute to hear him describe their flight. Much the same way he would describe the flight of an airplane.

Yesterday as we returned from whale watching (more on that tomorrow) a C-130 was taxiing through base. I was in a picture taking kind of mood and wanted to get a shot of the plane with its propellers spinning. We didn’t quite make it to the taxiway before it pulled up to the hanger… maybe next time.

As we were driving home we spied a bald eagle perched on a barbeque at the gazebo.
Jake pulled over so I could get some pictures for our friend.
{Further evidence for our case.}

I stood 10 feet from him and snapped away.

And then he was off…

I love Alaska.

By the way… you’re welcome to come visit too! We’ve got room.

loveland9 - SHUT UP!!! (I've only been stalking your blog since I read my email, curious as all get out as what the pictures might be)My eyes are welling up. lol Ten feet? Heck with D and "his" trip. I'm packing my bags. And you did NOT say something about whalewatching tomorrow!!? I've wanted to see a humpback ever since I met D. I DO NOT like animals. But…I do have a thing for bald eagles and whales. Crazy. ha ha

Infatuated? ha ha

Thanks for making my smile reach from one ear to the other. :)

Ben and Megan - I love Alaska too! It really is the BEST state! And we miss it like crazy. Can't wait to go home, maybe we will come visit before then. Love you!

Dahlia - Awesome pictures Amy, just amazing!

Erika - Wow! Those are some very sweet eagle shots! So close.

Leslie :~D - Great shots!

Meachamania - Truly the BEST eagle photography I've ever seen! It seemed the eagle was performing for you!! Awesome~ and thanks for sharing!!

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