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Current Operating Procedure

Perhaps “blogging my way through” the Biggest Loser challenge and my triathlon training truly means an update every two weeks.

I need to think about that.

In the midst of the wee hours of day 16 of 112 (96 days to go…) I thought I should… update.

Yesterday was the scheduled weigh in for the conclusion of week 2. I am currently down 5% of my body weight. The leader of the pack is down 6.something bordering 7% of hers. I hope she feels me nipping on her heals. Conceivably she can’t sense it yet. I better work a little harder.

14 weeks left.

I’ve continued a workout routine that leaves me exhausted and sore. And an eating plan that has cut out all the fun stuff. You know, the fun stuff that leaves you feeling nauseous the next morning at 5am when you wake for your workout. Not that I would know anything about that…

I’m counting my calories and dividing them between 5 small meals each day. And then religiously recording my consumption in a fancy notebook {because I believe a fancy notebook could solve the world’s problems}. It’s artsy and retro and has a bird and tree on the cover and says Free. I’m that bird. I can taste the freedom from the bonds that hold me back. (hmmmm. Did I take that too far?)

I drink a smoothie in the morning. With frozen fruit, powdered milk, Slim Fast powder (or protein powder), and fiber. I’m kindof in love with it. And addicted to the fiber.

I’m drinking copious amounts of water. Peeing all the time (can I say that on a blog?).

My 5 to 6 workouts per week consist of either swimming or heading to the cardio room and using the Precor Elliptical (I can feel my glutes burn), the treadmill (who knew 3.1 miles was so far?), or the bike (I think I’m getting calluses on my bum) followed by strength training alternating my focus on upper body or lower body. Once or twice a week I try to sneak in an additional workout, just to keep things entertaining.

I feel the need to mention my tri training partner Dani. She’s the dear soul who stops by my house every morning and delivers me to the gym. Each workout she gives all she has. And I mean all. That woman is dedicated. She’s my secret weapon. I just need to follow her lead and I’m gonna be just fine.

There you have it. That’s my current operating procedure. I reserve the right to change the program at any time.

But ready or not, I’ll be in that triathlon on April 21st. And flaunting a new {physical} me at the final weigh in April 28th.

Kimberly - You're AWESOME, and my hero!

Dahlia - How inspiring, keep it up Amy!!!

The Hopper Fam - Work it girl!

loveland9 - Good for you. It's got to be a good feeling. Keep it up!

Lynn - Wow! Keep it up…I'll be cheering you on all the way from Utah.

Ben and Megan - You are doing so great! Did I tell you I lost 5.5 lbs my first week? Well I did but not getting my hopes up that it will be that much next week. Love ya!

Anonymous - You truly inspire me. I am proud of you! Love you.

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