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Yearly Archives: 2010

Let it snow…

Winter held it’s breath for months. But the last few days it exhaled and covered us with snow. It got cold too. 25* today. {I know, I know. That’s tropical compared to some of you. But it’s cold enough for us. We don’t miss 40* below zero.} It may be cold, but it’s beautiful. Bright…

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Ho. Ho. Ho.

Jake made it home in the nick of time.. Hallelujah. It was the best Christmas present ever. Unfortunately, he brought home a nasty cold that we’ve all been battling since. It’s the vicious variety that I believe is going to hang on for a while. Poor Miss B hasn’t slept well in 3 nights. But,…

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Christmas Sunday

Miss B has beautiful eyes, doesn’t she? Brilliant blue. And her gaze can be mesmerizing. But we don’t get to see them often… thanks to her glasses. I did a shoot a while ago for Banner Boutique of some gorgeous headbands they sent me. I wanted to use Miss B as a model {of course},…

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Mom Loves Sam Class

There are years I am a holiday baker and years I am not. This year I am not. While grocery shopping, I picked up a roll of cookie dough. Peanut Butter. With Hershey’s Kisses to put on top. I figured the kids would have fun doing that and I’d be home free. I also signed…

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The passing of the plague

*This picture has nothing to do with this post. Except for the fact I wish this man was here to help me clean up all the vomit I did this week. The worst of the plague seems to be over. Thanks for your kind words. I don’t do well with vomit. Auntie Megan can attest….

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