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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Auto Pilot

Tonight I feel… human. At first I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. A vague yet distantly familiar feeling nipping at the edges of my psyche. Pleasant it was. Jake and I climbed the stairs on our way to bed together. He held Miss B swaddled in a quilt; then laid her in her…

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Be. Simply.

For months I sat on the idea of starting a photography business. I had the equipment. I had been practicing. I was ready to get started. But I didn’t have a name. How could I start without a name? I couldn’t. And so I didn’t. I searched. I pondered. I read articles on naming a…

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In search

This Christmas we’re on a budget. Honestly, every Christmas we’re on a budget. But this year feels more… restricted. I’m searching for ways to make my dollar stretch. However I want to avoid buying too cheap. Because it usually turns out to be junk. I love a good deal. But often I’m disappointed when my…

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The Miracle that is Skype… and Addie

I’d like to introduce you to my newest niece… Adelaide Gwynne Love. Otherwise known as Addie. I totally want her last name. She’s 2 hours old and we’ve already chatted. Via the miracle that is Skype. I’m officially her favorite aunt. She told me. Congratulations Megan and Ben. But special kuddos to Megan. She seriously…

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Sam and Dad

Tomorrow morning I have a photo shoot at 10 am… sunrise this morning was at 9:32. I wanted to make sure we had enough light that time of day and so Jake, Sam and I headed out to the location for some practice shots. It was typical Kodiak weather… overcast and drizzling with a touch…

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My world… tonight

Have you noticed that the majority of my posts are written in the evening? At least it feels that way. Daytime is much too precious. Typically Miss B goes down to bed around 9pm and Jake falls asleep immediately afterwards. That gives me a few treasured moments to myself. Tonight, however, Miss B sits on…

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