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Happy to be here.

Miss B has added light and joy to our lives like we had never imagined. Each day she contributes smiles and laughter and we are blessed by her presence.

Her daddy and her brothers are perfectly smitten. She has hold of their hearts as much and possibly {or impossibly?} more than mine.

And evidently the feeling is mutual…
Excerpt from Adoption Report:

2. The minor is under 10 years of age, so her preferences were not considered by the court. However, she was cooing happily throughout the hearing, which the court interprets as her approval of the adoption.

loveland9 - too cute

Blog Buddy - That just makes me choke up with tears:) *sigh*

Erika - I love that! How very sweet.

And yes, we do have a similar arrangement of children, eh?

Except the arrangement is flipped. :)

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