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Days like these

We’ve seen nothing but rain and clouds for several weeks.

I can’t complain as temperatures have hovered around 40*, but I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve missed the sun’s rays. Sunshine makes everything better.

After many many continually dreary days, yesterday we caught a glimpse of that beautiful orb that so wonderfully lights up our world.

We had a busy day scheduled which included a doctor’s appointment, swim team practice, folding laundry, grocery shopping and organizing the basement. But we put our life on hold to pay homage. It had to be done.

My friend invited us to go to Fort Abercrombie to hike with her and her kids. It was the perfect excuse to leave the mundane behind.

Miss B… well she loved the baby carrier.

Until she realized we forgot her binky.

Then she cried until she fell asleep 4 minutes later.

Sam spoke softly and carried a big stick… it is his way.

Had you been here too {I wish you would have been}, you would have heard Jake and I exclaim over and over… this place is simply beautiful. How lucky we are to experience it.

The path we followed led us through giant trees anchored amid moss covered ground

…around a lake

and to the ocean.

I’m quite thankful for days like these.

Days to recharge my light sensor.

Days spent with my family.

Days when all is right in my world.

Jake - AWESOME! Lets go hiking again…SOON!

Dahlia - The photo of the trees opening up to the ocean and cliffs reminds me of a hike in Hawaii…what a beautiful island you have there :)

Blog Buddy - Fantastic hike! Thanks for sharing the view cousin:) Happy New Year!

outdoor.mom - these photos are breath taking!! It makes me think Alaska wouldn't be quite so bad – lol!! A couple of years ago i almost took a travel nursing assignment on Kodiak. So did you have to worry about any bears on your hike? The photos are just breath taking!!

Happy New Year!!

Emily - That's it, moving to Kodiak right this minute…what a beautifully breathtaking place! And 40's mid-winter? Seals the deal. Big time.
And I can't leave without mentioned how phenomenal every single one of these pictures are.

Paris-family - okay, maybe a dumb question but…don't you have snow??

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