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I had a private swim lesson this morning.

At 6 am.

The pool was deserted except for the two of us… and the gal who comes in to turn on the lights and unlock the doors. She sat in the corner reading a book.

I’m comfortable in the water. That does not mean I’m comfortable in a swimsuit. It’s safe to say swimsuits make me uncomfortable. But have I mentioned the triathlon I’m doing? I’ve got 16 weeks to get comfortable. Or at least be able to walk on deck without cringing. That is my goal. A cringe-less triathlon. I would also like to finish.

I’m reading a book called Slow Fat Triathlete: Live Your Athletic Dreams in the Body You Have Now. She wrote it just for me.

So this morning my private coach watched me swim. He used to be a swimmer in high school and volunteered to help me out while I trained. I’ve never had a private coach before. It’s a little disquieting to have someone observe you. I swam a couple laps up and back and he checked out my form. And then he had lots to say. But he only gave me one pointer at a time. Then I had to practice it for a few laps. I tried putting all the advice together, but I couldn’t keep everything straight in my mind. Usually I just forgot to breathe. I don’t recommend that while swimming. It’s going to be a long 16 weeks.

As for my coach… he’s gorgeous. He’s a little older, but he’s kept his shape incredibly well. I kept getting distracted. While showing me how to push off the wall and glide, he lost his shorts. He came out of the water {after hitching them back up} laughing and somewhat embarrassed. So endearing. I suggested he try it again. There’s just something about a good looking man demonstrating a proper swim stroke.

But I have to say I learned a lot. It was worth the early morning. The eye candy definitely helped. He promised to come again and work with me and my triathlete partner in crime, Dani. And then he gave me a ride home. Just so happens we live at the same address.

How convenient.

Blog Buddy - That was adorable! I laughed outloud so much-Mabs kept asking me what was so funny:)

oneil_js - Jeremy and I read that one together…we were sure thinking something more scandalous ;) You got us!!!
So glad you've got a good coach!


The Hopper Fam - that was an awesome post. you write some great posts and i enjoy them all, but that one was my favorite so far!

Rebekah - Okay, whew! I must say you had me going there too!!!! I was very relieved to read it was your hubbie. :) I read part of this post to my husband and had him going to! Keep posting and I'll keep reading em!

Emily - I was getting a little concerned there! Great way to end a post! You've got a gift.

loveland9 - I saw where that was headed the second I read that you had a personal coach. ha ha

But seriously, swam out of his shorts? lol


Amanda Bush - ok- 1/2 way through I stopped and had to reread that to both Dad and Brady- Said, this can't be Amy!! Hehe- you got us!

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