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Baby Blues

Jake and I took Jacob out tonight. For his birthday. He turns the big 1-4 on Friday. Our firstborn the New Years Baby.

Normally we’d have a New Year’s Eve party. But Jake is working. Just finishing his season of holiday duty. This year he managed some sort of duty on Halloween… Veteran’s Day… Thanksgiving… Christmas Day… and now New Year’s Eve.

And so we went to dinner and a movie tonight.

I texted our babysitter several times checking on Miss B. After dinner but before the movie I asked how Bets was doing and if she’d slept at all.

Our conversation in text was as follows:

Babysitter: No she hasn’t

Me: Does she seem tired?

Babysitter: No she is rolling all around and is screaming.

I laughed. And then showed the message to Jake. He laughed and shared it with Jacob and he laughed.

Miss B is entertaining. We could have saved $81 and stayed home and watched her. She’s a rolley polley. And she shrieks. High pitched squeals. It is her current mode of communication with us. Hilarious and usually followed by a bout of laughter which is contagious to all. Especially at church on Sunday, while the sacrament is being passed and everyone is extra reverent. Then a good loud shriek {or three} is terribly funny.

More than that I like to watch Jake try and shhhhhush her. Like she even knows what that means. Her brothers encourage her behavior.

And she’s taken to throwing fits. She shakes her head and arches her back if she doesn’t like exactly what is going on. She’s going to be 7 months old on Friday. Isn’t she a little young for temper tantrums?

But who can argue with baby blues like these?

No one in this household.

outdoor.mom - You have a lovely blog!! I am trying to learn about Alaska because my husband is wanting to drag us all up there!! Tell me what its like living there in Kodiak (if you want). Are the bears terrible? Is it ever warm?

Leslie :~D - Amy is having her baby today! She was due in Jan. but her blood pressure is getting up there and she is in terrible pain, water retention and all that, so today it is, starting at 8 am pacific time.

She's having a girl too (finally!) Abigail Catherine.

Ben and Megan - She sounds like Thomas! I think it is the age ( and hoping Thomas grows out of it soon). Oh and to outdoor.mom, Alaska is the BEST! My husband and I miss it like crazy and will be returning as soon as he finishes school.

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