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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Boo Bear

Miss B has a bear. Presented to her as a gift from a loving Auntie Amy. We call him Boo Bear. Our chubby bundle of energy loves Boo Bear. Upon his cozy body she liberally grants hugs and kisses, coating him regularly in slobber and love. He accompanies us on family excursions and spends the…

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Something to pass the time

Jacob’s experience at Williamsburg Academy has been second to none. His growth has been exponential. He came through midterms with amazing results. And if you will indulge the prideful mama in me… he got an honors on his written test (the only honors in the class I might add). Mr. Ure doesn’t give away grades….

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My man jack…

It’s that time of year again. Darkness falls on Alaska. Each evening we’re plunged into darkness more than is needful as we don’t have an overhead light in our living room. Yesterday Jake asked what he could do for me. I requested light. Please light up my life Jake. I know you can do it….

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While it lasts

We went for a walk today. Our amazing weather continues. Chilly, but sunny and clear. Josh and Jacob chose to stay home. Josh is immersed in Eragon and Jacob was having a mentor meeting. Jake hadn’t been down to this beach with us yet. Unfortunately the tide was in. But Sam still found delight in…

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5 months

I don’t know why she looks stunned. And I don’t know why I cut Jacob’s head off. Perhaps it just reflects our day. Our week actually. I had been reminding myself all day to get a picture to chronicle the day. After all… 5 months old is one to remember. Jacob even reminded me after…

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