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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Twenty Minutes

Twenty minutes ago I looked outside and thought today is the perfect day to take pictures. The light just right… spilling over the mountains and illuminating my world. A calm radiating through the trees. The sky reflecting blue. I turned my back for only a moment… and Winter arrived.

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Drum lessons and other things to sleep through

Miss B and I awoke this morning feeling achey. At least I did. And by the red rimmed eyes and runny nose, I’m pretty sure she did too. I tried to function and failed miserably. So I left Jake in the kitchen making bread. And I left Josh and Sam spread out in the living…

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Mad Skills

Rather than wallow today, I invited some friends over and asked if I could practice my mad photography skillz skills {Jake told me… in no uncertain terms… I could not use a z where an s should go} on them. Although we were out in the blustery wind with gusts up to 45 mph, I…

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To those that wait

The humidity of 5 recent showers should be swirling through the air. The scent of shower gel, shaving cream, shampoo and baby lotion heavily blended. The lights should be on amid the bustle of a morning with intent. Voices should be conversing over breakfast. I should have butterflies in my stomach… their anxious flutter in…

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I’m hiding.

The smell of burnt cookies is wafting up to my room. The sound of arguing mingles with it. I’m done.My head aches right behind my eyes. The other responsible adult in our household is not present. And won’t be till tomorrow. I may get used to it, but I’m never going to get used to…

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