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It’s about time…

Miss B will be 6 months old in eight days. Until yesterday we had not had a family picture taken to record our new family of six status. I was cleaning the studio in preparation for a shoot (check out the shoot I did yesterday at Simply b) and I decided it was time.

I rounded up what matching outfits I could find, set the camera on a tripod, armed myself with a remote and voila…

The Earle Family 2009.

I love our bare feet. I don’t love my hair. I love the colors. I really don’t love my hair. I love the picture. I can’t wait to get a copy printed out to replace The Earle Family 2007 hanging in my front room.

Because it’s really not worth doing over again just to get a good hair shot. Seriously. The self portrait of one’s family? Agony.

Placement. Squirming. Pinching. Fussing. And that was just me.

At one point I overheard this from Josh: It’s fun trying out all my different smiles. And by smile he meant smirk, sneer, grimace…

I waded through hundreds of shots. It’s next to impossible to get a shot of 6 people all with their eyes open. And Sam. Oh how I love Sam. He didn’t know when to smile. So he didn’t. Ever.


I am in love. In love with my family. They humor me through my ill humor. They’ll wear what I ask them to wear. Stand where I ask them to stand. Smile… {when I ask them to smile}.

Now I can concentrate on all the other families I get to photograph. Knowing mine is all taken care of. Regardless of my hair.

Kimberly - Oh, I love, love, love it. I think your hairs looks great. Want to do a family photo of us sometime. I mean I really really love it.

Leslie :~D - I love matching side smiles on Jake and Jacob! Fun to see how genetics work! And your hair is fine!

Blog Buddy - Okay Amy-I don't see why your hair is bugging ya'? You look gorgeous and the pastel colors are perfect. The boys are growing up way too fast-but they make cute teens! What a lucky baby girl to be smack dab in the middle of such happiness:)

Ben and Megan - I love it! I can't wait for you to come down and do our family!

mamatamera - I think it looks great!!! Coming back to North Pole any time soon?

tyames - I love it! It turned out great.

Amy - I'm really sorry if this started some hard feelings between family. That is not the spirit of this blog. And so I deleted the comments…

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