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Monthly Archives: October 2009

I think you should all homeschool.

I really do. No? If not full time, at least once a month. Keep the kiddos home and enjoy them. Just for fun. My parents called those Dingus Days. Oh my goodness we loved dingus days! I remember one day when I was probably around 8 or 9, my dad got us up really early…

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Good thing

I just heard my husband’s plane land. It’s a comforting sound. He’s only been gone since lunch, but I missed him. Miss Boo-bahoose is lying on the bed next to me refusing to sleep. It’s her new thing. She’s exhausted but won’t give up the fight. She needs her bink to go to sleep. But…

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This little angel is one week old today. I had so much fun taking her pictures! You can see more on Simply b.

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Sun Day

The sun did much to lift my spirits today. We went for a walk amid giant moss covered trees. Miss B snuggled against me in her sling, wrapped in a quilt and drained snot all over the front of my shirt. It was worth it. I love this photo. Love. It. And then Jake and…

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Water Levels

The menfolk have departed for church, leaving Miss B and I in their wake. The wake that looks like a tidal wave. But first. I awoke this morning to Boo-bahoose’s protests. Jake had long since left for early morning meetings with our church leaders. The house dark and quiet except for the squawks of an…

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