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My baby is safe. He was traveling for 14 hours. He successfully navigated two plane changes including a train to an outlying terminal. My blood pressure is coming down.

I was holding it together at the airport. His brothers were hugging and bidding farewell. Miss B was smiling. I was giving last minute directions. Call me when you board and call me when you land. Call me when you find your gate. Call me when you blink.

He’s traveled alone before. Two years ago {he was eleven} he flew from Fairbanks to Alabama for Space Camp {although he did fly unaccompanied minor}. Last year he flew to Salt Lake City for Swim Camp at BYU. But this was the first time he changed planes on his own.

He could taste the independence.

As I was saying…

I was holding it together. As I watched him walk through security I got a text. I was expecting Jake. But it wasn’t. It was a close friend of mine. She told me that her brother died. He was in a four wheeling accident. At 35 years old he left a wife and three young children. The news broke the dam. The tears spilled over. Jacob had already disappeared and I was alone. I walked with my three young children out of the airport into the damp early morning air.

I couldn’t stop the tears.

We drove to a lookout where we could watch Jacob’s plane take off. The clouds were low and misty. Dawn was just beginning to spread her light. I called my friend. She was waiting in an airport for her flight home. We spoke of family. We spoke of the Gospel. I felt the Spirit. I knew He had surrounded her and was giving aide and comfort in her journey. What a blessing the Comforter is in our lives.

When we seek His power we can find solace.

Jacob’s plane raced down the runway and disappeared into the clouds. My heart went with him. My prayers too.

I wished for Jake’s presence. The presence which steadies me and gives me strength. Though it was not to be found. I wished he could hold me and tell me that it was going to be okay. That Jacob would be fine. That my friend would be fine. That her family would be fine.

This life is fragile.

In a moment everything can change.

We don’t get through life without heartbreak. It is part of the process. And how we handle the anguish is what allows us to grow. Thankfully we don’t have to navigate the journey on our own. We are not alone.

Yesterday as I wiped the tears away and said a silent prayer for my friend and thanked my Heavenly Father for my family, I found solace and comfort of my own.

Jake - Loved the post. Isn't it crazy how we are all apart, but my heart is with all of you. I miss you guys. Only a few more days! Love you….

Denise Recore - I love to read your blog. It is so inspiring! You have a wonderful way with words, and often say the things I can only think. Miss B is such a cutie, and oh how she has grown!

loveland9 - That was a really good post Amy. Get's you thinking.

Paris-family - is this his trip to Vegas to see Kathy and Sam? And then to Cedar, right? Amy was telling me about it. I'm sure he'll have tons of fun! It was a pleasure to spend some time with him last summer, what a great kid.

Sorry about your friend. That is awful! I think often how it could be any one of us, we just never know.

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