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Monthly Archives: September 2009

My world… this morning

It’s 9:30am. I’m sitting on my bed… not to be confused with in my bed. I’ve been up for hours. Jacob’s computer is on the fritz again. Darn computers. Consequently he is attending school on my computer, at my desk, which is located in the heart of the home. He needs quiet, with no distractions….

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The Name Game

I did a photo shoot today. One of these days I’ll get a blog built just for my photography. But I’m stumped on a name… My thoughts: Miss B PhotographyBlueberry Sky PhotographySweet Tart PhotographySweet Amy’s PhotographySimply Photography Be nice. If you hate them, don’t tell me. I love them all and don’t want them ruined…

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my mind is full of posts yet they won’t form on the page my thoughts keep wandering to other items on my to-do list {which is full by the way} and so I’m going to go take care of those details then come back and try again

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After a month of chomping on her fist, she found her fingers. *Pictures edited on Rollip… check it out {so fun!}

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Remember my friends who taught me how to make bread? The ones who brought me homemade pizza for family night, and invited us over for Labor Day when Jake was gone? The friends who brought cookies by and would call to make sure all was well in my world? Yes. Those friends. In thanks for…

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I took some pictures for a friend of mine this week. Her girls are so crazy adorable and I had the best time. Here are a few of my favorites…

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