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Monthly Archives: August 2009

The Classical Education You Never Had

Tuesday, September 1st begins our Gaining A Stateswomen’s Education class, offered through Orchard House Academy. I’ve posted the initial reading list on our website. If you’ve expressed interest in the class, you will receive an email from me shortly. Class size is limited to 6 students. For more information email me at jakeamy@aol.com.

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Little Britches

“A work or experience worth returning to again and again because each time we do, it deepens us and leads us to be more of what we hope and need to be.” ~ A Classic as defined by Heather Burton in an address titled Stronger, Wiser, Deeper, Brighter, Sweeter, Finer, Gentler, Kinder: How Classics Lead…

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A boy and his stick

It comes naturally and takes no training. Any mother of sons knows exactly of which I speak. Truck noises, bomb explosions, screeching motorcycles, and airplanes passing overhead. This is a language they speak, literally. They produce such racket with ease. My tongue does not speak this particular dialect. It will not twist in a manner…

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As Promised

Psst! Miss B! You there? Your fans would like a smile… If you’ve got the time that is. We know how busy you are. Oh… perfect. You are so stinkin’ sweet. Many thanks! Your fans adore you. It’s a blessing and a curse… sometimes you find your fist in their mouth. But your wish is…

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I made it.

We went for a hike yesterday. At first glance it seemed like an innocent family outing. What I didn’t realize was how completely out of shape I am. I mean completely. Completely. It was slightly embarassing. Later Sam was chatting about how he’d peed twice on the mountain. When I reacted with surprise and mentioned…

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2 Months

I turned 2 months old today. My dad made it home in the nick of time. We went for a hike up Old Woman to celebrate. {Mom says she feels like an old woman now.} And now my parents are going on date.

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