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Monthly Archives: August 2009

I’ll be honest

There have been moments the last 9 months that I’ve questioned our move to Kodiak. Moments? How about gigantic chasms of time? Kodiak is great. But our transfer to the Coast Guard has not been effortless. Sometimes I revisit the happy memories of my previous life and take time to mourn. Jake and I talk…

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O’re the land of the free

There’s something about the sight of Old Glory that give me goosebumps. It really doesn’t matter how it’s displayed. In a classroom with children pledging allegiance,on a flag pole dancing in the breeze, or proudly marched through a parade. A few years ago our family spent most of the summer in Utah (that’s Sam and…

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Enchanted Forest

We spent the afternoon picking blueberries amid giant moss covered trees. Sunlight valiantly thrust through where she could, but the dense trees made her efforts difficult. Meanwhile, tiny fingers diligently gathered each fruit and little boys dreamt of pies, tarts, jam and syrup. Juice from the tiny orbs stained our hands and the corners of…

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