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Monthly Archives: August 2009


Today is his day. And he was eager to get on with it. We are entering our fourth year of homeschooling. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, although I won’t deny having my moments. Because most certainly I do. Thank goodness for sisters and good friends like BFF Kim who listen to my woes…

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We are fortunate to have a family in our church congregation with a very special talent. The kind of talent that encourages me to attend any function I might be lucky enough to be the recipient of their genius {typically in the form of cookies, cakes, breads, rolls, etc}. They have aspirations of opening a…

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Hand Washed

The washing of Miss B’s socks has been causing me angst. Hand wringing suffering. Concern and distress. The little miss has her own laundry hamper. When it reaches its limit the contents get promptly tossed into the washing machine {on delicate of course}. And herein lies the problem. We have a front loading washer. Inevitably…

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12 Weeks

Can it possibly have been 12 weeks since Miss B was born? I had to stop and check a calendar to make sure. Despite a cloudy beginning, yesterday emerged into a beautiful evening. After the chores were complete, the kiddos and I indulged in the sun from our back deck. With my face turned into…

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Simple Expressions

At church I teach the young women ages 12 and 13. Today’s lesson was on service. Here is a quote from the lesson: “The man I know is a kind, loving husband and father whose greatest ambition in life is to make his family happy, entirely forgetful of self in his efforts to do this….

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