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My Prayer Book

I have a little book. I call it my prayer book. {Shown here on top of my Commonplace Book – which is fodder for another post.} I was given the idea for it a couple years ago, but in a different context and never followed through. During a recent conversation with my sister, the concept was brought to my attention again.


Do you know how throughout any given day you are prompted to pray about something? It happens quite frequently to me. I’ll hear about a friend who is going through an especially difficult time and I’ll think I’ll say a prayer for her. There might be something in my life which is especially troubling and I’ll think I’m going to pray about that. This happens often in my experience as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend.

During those particular moments, the thought registers and then is filed away into the to-do section of my mind. I have every intention of returning later to give it proper attention and prayer.
But then.
It comes time for my evening prayer. I’ve finally tucked in the last child. Given hugs and loves all around. I’ve swaddled Miss B and tucked her in tight next to me. I kneel to give thanks and ponder on the day…
And my mind is blank.
Well, maybe not blank. But I return to those thoughts that are most familiar to me. I’m thankful for my blessings. I ask for strength to get through the next day. I pray for Jake to be safe while gone.
And then I fall asleep.
During morning prayer I find myself hurried in order to attend to my daily activities. And again find myself repeating rote phrases. I mean well. I certainly do. But…
I’ve missed the opportunity to commune with my Heavenly Father. To truly bring to him those matters that I have been meaning to talk about.
And so.
I got this little book. I carry it around with me. And I use it. I take note of those things that I want to bring back to the Lord. I write how I hope my sister Becky has a safe trip during her move to Utah. She is in my thoughts often. I write how we really need our home in Anchorage to rent. I write about friends and family. My children. I write about myself and those things I am trying to overcome. I write about Jake and how thankful I am for him.
I jot down whatever comes to mind. Whenever it comes to mind. Not chapters, just a note. I save the chapters for when I am on my knees. Because then my thoughts are focused. I have something to spark my memory. I remember the friend who is struggling and needs the Lord’s comfort. My conversations with my Heavenly Father have become much more sincere. Less general and more specific.
And it works. Prayer works. He listens and He answers.
I know that with every ounce of my soul.

Jake - I really like this post. It makes me happy to think that you are keeping me in your prayers….I love you!

Leslie :~D - When and why are Becky and Ray and family moving to Utah? I need a prayer book too!

loveland9 - I love that idea. I love that I'm probably in that book of yours. Thanks for being you and your concern for me. I'm doing GREAT! I love that your cute hubby leaves comments on your blog. :)

Kimberly - I started one after we talked the other day. It does make a huge difference. Thanks

Dahlia - Perfect idea – I was just thinking about how I told a friend I'd pray for him and finally remembered to do so a few days (read: week) later. I'm off to find a notebook!!!

The Mattesons - I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It truly is an inspiration to me to be a better person, mom and wife. Thanks Amy!

Amy - I love this post. In fact I love all your posts Amy!!! You are such an inspiration to me. I read your blog and love your ideas and feel so excited to try these things I would have never thought about doing. Your such a great example. I think to myself all the time, Wow, Jake has got a great wife!!! I am so glad we are blogging buddies. How are you loving the baby girl?

Anonymous - Thanks so much for your wise advice. I find myself trying to keep up with Tad all the time and this is just what I need (at least you kneel down to pray, I often fall asleep before the last independent child is in at night). I think I need to get my own prayer book. Good luck to your family! Cyndee

debifat - I love your blog…..Prayer caught my eye and I knew I was suppose to follow yours! You children are beautiful, you indeed are a blessed woman. I just started a blog myself so it is exciting for me to check out others.

Looking forward to following your blog.

debi in California

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