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An Introduction

Jacob’s first assignment at Williamsburg Academy was to create a presentation introducing himself.
Here is what he came up with…

The Stouts - That was beautiful! I am bawling! I can't believe how big he is! He did that himself? Give him a giant squeeze for me!

Amy - I helped him with the "Ken Burns" effect which makes the pictures move in and out. It's the trickiest part of making a movie like this.

I cannot believe how AMAZING the new iMovie is! I had a much older version of iLife on our old Mac. It is so simple to do movies like that now!

Josh and Sam are super excited. We're going to make them each a movie today. If we finish them, I'll post them tomorrow.

Can you believe how quickly the years go by?? Watching that movie of Jacob I was just stunned! It's like a whack upside the head. My little boy is growing up.

I love the song he chose. He used to sing it all the time. When I watched the movie for the first time, I couldn't stop grinning. All the memories… sigh.

Jake - OK So I would be lying if I didn't admit to having a little "misty" eye! What a cool thing! We are so blessed to have been able to do these things. I love you Jacob!

B. Bush Family - wow!!! I am impressed. I can't believe he is all grown up. I look at those pictures of him as a baby and can't believe that wasn't just a couple years ago!!!

He did a great job. Tell him congrats for me!

Ben and Megan - Wow that was great! It makes me feel old to watch him grow like that! Love you!

queenbee - Uh, that was pretty awesome Jacob! Now can you come to my house and show me how to do it on my Mac?
Seriously Jacob, you're really awesome!

ldsfamofak - It was great to see him grow up in the seat of an airplain. It was fun to see what was important to him. his family, flying, swimming and of course Andrew:)
Love you guys.

Leslie :~D - I was even misty eyed. Who sings that song and what is the title? That was really cool!

Leslie :~D - Oh yeah, and I LOVE that he put naked baby pictures in… he's one secure 13 year old!

loveland9 - Okay, I've never even met him and I was on the brink of tears. You must have been bawling when you watched it. Loved it.

Kimberly - Very Cool! You did a great job Jacob.
I can't believe how much he has grown up just since he went to space camp!

The Hopper Fam - Wow! Jacob is one exceptional young man. Even the song was perfect.

Dahlia - And isn't that how life is – in a blink of an eye your baby is now a young man. Good work Jacob!!

Amy - Thanks everyone!

Leslie… the song is called "The Greatest" by Kenny Rogers.

Lynn - What a great presentations Jacob! Your audience gets a great sense of the kind of young man you are; a young man your parents and siblings can be very proud of.

Darla - Awesome movie. What an inspiration.

~love the Grif's - Who couldn't love you guys!?? I love that Jake is posting on your blog now…can he PLEASE do that while he's home too!? *giggles* You have AMAZING kids!

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