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Monthly Archives: June 2009


We’ve got Kool-Aid.  In three flavors.  For a quarter. Shoplifting is not suggested… we’ve got security. Hankering for a whirligig or a whatchamacallit?   We can hook you up.

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Muddy Waters – Revisited

Our doorbell rings constantly. And the slam of the screen door is frequent. We live on a cul-de-sac filled with children. Our front door opens to a paradise of rope swings, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, parks, and a bmx track. And I’ve heard rumor of an army outpost just a small trek down the hill….

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Miss B is lying on my chest while I surf. Her knees tucked into her stomach and her miniature fist under her chin. Sporadically her mouth roots for a knuckle to gnaw. She smells like heaven. A mix of Johnson’s Baby Lotion and Bounce with lavender. Her toes peek out of her nightgown which is…

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It’s Friday night. 8:51 pm. Jake is flying, but we have a hot date scheduled for midnight. Before I relax I have much to accomplish. Including turning our muggle home into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry before noon tomorrow. Invitations have been sent out to invite witches and wizards to special summer classes in…

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