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Monthly Archives: April 2009


I’ve been feeling a little down lately. A little emotional. A little lonely. A little vulnerable. A little unstable. And if you replace ” a little” with “a lot” it would be pretty close to the truth. The hardest part is… I had no reason to feel that way. It wasn’t logical. And I am…

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Fitting right in

How ’bout these boys? They have been so much fun! Sam and Barek have been playing all day today. They opened every board game and tried to play each one. Josh has taken to Ezra like a little mother. He’s been reading books, getting snacks, blowing bubbles, throwing balls, and giving hugs. And Jacob has…

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When 5 becomes 7

I have a toddler in my bed. He’s drinking a sippy cup and talking very loudly for 5:30 in the morning. He thinks my laptop is fascinating. And he’s about as cute as can be. We’re watching Ezra and Barek this week while their mom and dad are out of town. Ezra is 2 and…

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Are you curiousabout our preparations for baby? 6 weeks {but who’s counting?… oh yeah… ME}! *Happy Dance* This arrived yesterday. Remember this post? She sent me this uber stylish diaper bag! {BTW tomorrow is the last day for the Mother’s Day Contest… You could win your mom her own tres magnifique bag!} Thank You Tonia!…

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Adverse Reactions

As part of our adoption paperwork, the boys and I each had medical exams this week. As a result I’ll be having a follow-up {routine} mammogram in May and in July I’ll be flying to Anchorage to visit an allergist. And the boys needed a few catch-up immunizations. Jacob wasn’t phased. “What’s the big deal?”…

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Oh Glorious Day!

For the first time in weeks… The sun emerged from behind dreary clouds. Shining. Bright glorious rays warming my heart. And thawing my children. Jacob… and Josh See that little boot there? That’s Sam on his scooter.

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