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Monthly Archives: March 2009

A Moment

Tonight we had a moment. A Sam moment. Sam, Sam, Sam. {This is me shaking my head just thinking about it.} Jake made the discovery. He took a deep breath and came downstairs to talk to me before deciding what to do to with Sam. As I was filled in on details, I couldn’t help…

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He’s home! The volcano almost kept him away. FYI… you haven’t truly lived until you watch a volcano erupt off the wingtip of your propeller driven airplane. I’m going to go faint now.

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Pucker up, Buttercup!

I’ve been plagued by cold sores lately. More than usual. It’s really annoying.My Knight?He doesn’t get them… lucky.So during the week to 10 days it’s festering on my lipNo kissy kissy. And when I’m really unlucky…{like last week}One will be healing when another {or 4} decide to join me. But hallelujah… the angels are singing.As…

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The Morning After

It’s good to be home… in spite of the weather. Although maybe because of the weather. We hadn’t been home a full 24 hours before the snow started to fall. Big, fluffy, white, wet flakes. And they just kept coming. Lots of them. I did however wear sandals to church on Sunday, along with bare…

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A Delightful Journey…

I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. Just snap your fingers and I’m there. We’re a traveling family. That’s all there is to that. Although mixed with vomit, the last few days of our adventure were filled with family. What a blessing to end our trip in the company of those we love…

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