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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Bye Bye Floaties

Today the the floaties were cast aside without a second thought. No longer are they needed by their owner. A couple months in Florida and… He’s ready to swim with the big dogs boys. That’s our Sam. He is the coolest kid.

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I am a plant

I wandered through the apartment this morning opening up the blinds. It is a ritual… the first thing I do every morning. It’s how I wake the home. I open our blinds and using a ridiculous little tune I serenade the kiddos with, “It’s time to get up…”. They roll over and snuggle further under…

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Good Stuff

“What fun thing are you doing today?” An innocent question from BFF Kim each time we converse. She knows we’re up to a good time here and she wants in! Becky is living vicariously through me too {she told me so}. And there are those out there who may not want to admit it… but…

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Big Day

Today is sweet Abigail’s Big Day. My own heart skips a little {okay… a lot} when I think of this little angel undergoing open heart surgery. Our family is praying and fasting for her today. I’m amazed at my sister’s faith. {I know I shouldn’t be, but I am. She is so incredibly calm.}The news…

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Day Trip

Saturday we went for a drive.Don’t you love day trips?They always start out great.Everyone is so excited and refreshed.But eventually travel bingo gets old. And the kiddos don’t care about the scenery anymore. {Did they ever?}Then come the familiar refrains… “He’s touching me!” “Mom! Make him stop!” “I have to pee!”“Stop licking me!”{yes really} And…

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Here’s To…

AudreyLeslieToniaMegan and Tamera! Whoo-Hooo… Yippee… Yee-Haw… Congratulations! Be assured my days will be spent wracking my brain. I’m determined to make something great just for you! Thanks for playing!

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