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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Somebody is missing somebody else…

“Auntie Megan said I should walk through the Castle.” “Auntie Megan gets sick on the Teacups.” “Auntie Megan loves Disneyland.” “We should buy this for Auntie Megan.” “I wish Auntie Megan and Thomas were here.” “I miss Auntie Megan.” ~Sam-a-lam-a-ding-dong

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My theory on oldest children

I’m not an oldest child. Neither is my husband. We’re middle children {and that has it’s own theory}. But I have an oldest child. And I have an oldest sister. And Jake has an older brother. So I feel equipped to have a theory. The first child born into a family is special. They have…

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Filled to the brim

So… have you heard? We’re at Walt Disney World. I got a serious deal on a Disney Resort hotel room and an even more serious discount on park tickets {thanks to Disney’s military discount}. Disney has an algorithm that counteracts the slow economy. By giving substantial room and admission discounts we’ll show up in droves…

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1. Disney World is like Disneyland on steroids… hyped up, crazy, should be illegal steroids! 2. I like coordinating outfits. 3. Jake’s idea of “sleeping till we’re done” is 7am. 4. Staying at a Disney Resort does not guarantee water pressure. 5. Recession? What recession? There are a million people here. 6. Disney’s Fast Pass…

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