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All is right in the world

Jake is home. There is nothing better than that.

The past few days have been filled with those last minute rituals that must be accomplished before Christmas.

I’ve filled 46 toot-ta-doos (a cardboard tube – similar to a toilet paper roll, but rather a wrapping paper or paper towel tube cut up {because… yuck} and filled with candies and prizes, then wrapped in tissue paper to be handed out Christmas Eve). 46 because that is how many will be attending the Earle Family Christmas Eve Soiree!

Gifts have been wrapped, the menu planned, the house cleaned, and the groceries shopped. Blockbuster has been visited and classic movies have been rented.

Today will be filled with baking and holiday music and the printing of the Nativity script (as found in Luke Chapter 2) along with lyrics to the accompanying songs for those who may not be fluent in Christmas carols.

Christmas may come and all will be well.

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Sam’s room

(Sam asked us what a fairytale was… Jake told him that was like Mom was a Princess and Dad was a Pauper)

A reminder as we head down the stairs and out the door

For the Star Wars enthusiast we call Josh

Shawn and Kim - Can I invite myself to your Christmas eve party. I would if I was close enough. It sounds like it is going to be so fun.
I love your wall art. It looks fantastic. I need to get ME some of dat.

Leslie :~D - I love the vinyl! Looks great… and I LOVE the Yoda quote! I like how the lettering is just like the Star Wars lettering. When we decide where we’re moving and if we ever sell this house, I’m going to get some.

Have a wonderful time at your party. Kim and I will just sit and wish we were there. Do you have webcam? We could come if you hook us up! My Macbook does 3 way, so we could see the party and see each other!

Hi Kim… nice to meet you! Please pass the ham… oops, you got salad on your lens! LOL!

Leslie :~D - I meant that my Mac has 3 way so yours probably does too, I don’t know about Kim!

B. Bush Family - Amy- I love the vinyl. I am so excited that it looks so great. As for Christmas…. I am so impressed. We are having a big group, but nothing like yours, and I am just starting to think about it, but the house is clean (it was “maid tuesday”!!) you ever seen that Merry Maids COmmercial when the lady comes home and starts dancing around? Well thats me everyother Tuesday, LOVE IT!!

B. Bush Family - BTW… any chance you’d email me the christmas carols and stuff you are using for the nativity?

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