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Yearly Archives: 2008

I Miss You Guys!

Seriously. And I miss North Pole. Even though it’s dark as pitch and colder than… well, cold. It is 45 below zero and dropping. Next year I’ll glory in my good fortune, but this year I just miss my friends.

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Jacob is walking around the house laughing to himself. It is seriously the funniest thing. For Christmas he got the John Bytheway Collection. (He’s an inspirational speaker for LDS youth… and is hilarious!) Jacob downloaded the talks to his iPod and has been listening to them ever since. Last night he climbed into bed with…

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Holiday Hangover

Confession: I’m still in bed and it’s 9:41am. The two oldest are still sacked out and my wee little one (after all… he’s only 6) is cuddled up next me. We are the picture of modern living. I have a laptop propped up on my knees and he has white earphones in and an iPod…

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“I like memorizing poems. When I’m in college, I’m going to move up to love poems.” – Josh

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A Deliberate Life

My goal for 2009 is to live a deliberate life. Today I received a package… unexpectedly. It was from one of Jake’s high school friends (whom I’ve never met). She’d been reading this blog and sent me the cutest box with some of her favorite things (lip gloss ~ which is AwEsOMe, and some bubble…

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Hark! the Herald Angels Sang…

Smashing Success. That’s how I would define last night… what a relief. We had a full house, an abundance of food and no one left in tears. We filled the evening with visiting, munching, singing hymns with the nativity and opening toot-ta-doos. Our angel choir was formidable. 21 children in attendance and only 7 boys….

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